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Mass Renewables Inc. is an NABCEP certified installer and a trustworthy source for commercial solar panels. Our consistently high ratings showcase our dedication to customer satisfaction.

How Commercial Solar Panels Impact Your Business

Investing in commercial solar panels can provide a variety of benefits to your business—most importantly, reduced operating costs. The installation of a solar system has the potential to save your business tens of thousands of dollars over time. This allows businesses to free up cash flow to use in other areas.

Solar panels do not require any additional maintenance to your building or property and most systems are guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Utilizing this green energy source proves that you are doing your part to protect the environment, this can serve as an added marketing tool drawing customers to your business.

Products We Offer

We offer a variety of products and services specifically designed for commercial use. They include many different commercial roof mount options, ground mount options, tracking systems and solar carports. Mass Renewables Inc is an official Tesla Powerwall installer/ reseller and can assist you with your energy storage needs.

The roof mount option is one of our more recognized products. We are equipped to install on just about any roof type, as long as there are no major shading issues.

Ground mounted panels, on the other hand, are a great option if you have a large amount of extra land available. Because they are not restricted to a limited surface area, like a roof, there are more tilting and angling options, which will allow you to take better advantage of the sun’s direct rays.

Solar carports are essentially ground mounted panels that are tall enough to fit a car underneath. They provide a unique way for a business to cover parking lots so that cars are protected and solar energy is collected. Like ground mounted panels, solar carports offer a great deal of flexibility in how many panels can be used, as well as many opportunities for optimal sun exposure.

Commercial Incentives

There are several commercial incentives that solar panels can provide. Business owners with solar that are involved in the SMART program will get paid monthly for 20 years from their utility provider based on the owners solar production meter. Owners that have a battery ( Tesla Powerwall ) installed with their solar get an increased incentive value on their solar production. Just like with residential, business owners that have a battery ( Tesla Powerwall) installed with their solar get an increased incentive value on their solar production and also benefit from depreciation of their new solar equipment. Now having a battery not only gives the business owner a backup source during a blackout and daily battery cycling, they get paid extra for having one!

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