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Residential and commercial roof mounted arrays are the main service we provide. We can configure a design around just about any obstacle and we can put modules on any type of roof surface you have. We have experience installing on standard asphalt shingles, roof and slate shingles, metal roofs, rubber membrane and tar and gravel. We can work on any pitch of roof as long as you are not shaded by trees. We can mount on east and west facing roofs as well as optimal south facing. We work with many different panel manufacturers so we can offer you a variety of options. We offer rail mounted and rail-less solutions for pitched roofs and ballasted arrays for flat roofs.


Mass Renewables Inc. can provide you with battery storage options to work with or without your solar array. We are a certified reseller and installer of the Tesla Powerwall 2, Powerwall+, and Tesla Ecosystem. Read more about the Tesla options here.



There are many different types of ground mounted arrays. We can design a structure to fit your style, terrain, production level and budget. There are ballasted options, frames that are supported by cast in place concrete footings and pole mounted arrays to get you up above a possible shading tree line. We can install manual tilt frames to give you the option to change the tilt of the array to adjust for the track of the sun throughout the seasons.


We offer our customers sun tracking arrays to maximize the efficiency of their system and get the maximum production possible. There are low standing one way tracking arrays that work with a sun sensor and track the sun from east to west throughout the day. We specialize in the installation of pole mounted two way tracking arrays that tilt up and down and track east to west automatically using a GPS controller.



We have a certified Master Electrician, and offer a wide range of electrical services that include additional outlets, 240 volt hookups for electric cars, transfer switches for back up generators, all the way up to full service upgrades.

Critter Guards

We also install critter guards, which are designed to keep birds and other pesky critters from making their home under the array.

Roof Reinforcement

If your roof structure is inadequate we can add reinforcing to the existing structure to support the additional load of a solar array. We can add or replace a roof mounted attic fan, move, add or remove roof obstructions that are no longer needed or are prohibiting the ability to install the size array that you may need.


As well as a master electrician, we have journeymen and apprentices on staff, along with experienced roofers and carpenters. We don’t have to provide you with a solar array to offer you our additional services.

Quick and reliable, from the initial proposal to the completion of the project, our experienced team can help you go green and slash your energy budget in the process. Fill out the form below or call 508-657-1116 and set up an appointment today.

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