Jeff Herman

Jeff lives in Medway Massachusetts with his wife Carol and two children. Mike and Jeff have been partners for many years and with their wives being sisters this is truly a family business. Jeff has been in the construction industry his entire adult life. From residential building and remodeling to large scale commercial construction, he has had his hands in most every trade. He feels that his thirty years of construction experience helps Mass Renewables in its diversity, giving it the ability to take on many different types of projects.

Always being an environmentalist at heart, Jeff feels the move into the solar industry was a good fit. He applies thirty years of construction experience to his day to day as co-owner and project manager of Mass Renewables. Jeff’s goal for this company is to adapt with the technology and outlive any government incentives as renewables become parity and eventually overtake fossil fuels as a primary source of energy. He wants to be serving our local area with renewable energy options for many years to come.