About Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley is co-owner of Mass Renewables Inc. and lives in Bellingham with his wife Kathy and three daughters. He is a life-long resident of Massachusetts and has been in the solar business since 2009. Mike has been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners as an  “NABCEP PV Installer”  which is the most prestigious certification for solar professionals. Mike was drawn to solar energy because of the fact that we already have the technology in place, the incentives are available, and the endless source of pollution-free energy every day when the sun rises.


Mike is happy to see the transition of solar in the last 7 years, and is proud to be a part of the movement. With Federal and State incentives sparking the industry to where we are now with equipment costs down and with decreasing incentives, solar is giving homeowners a return on their money that exceeds typical investments and is a pollution-free source of power. He takes satisfaction in providing these oppurtunities with the Mass Renewables team and looks forward to giving homeowners this clean renewable source of power and energy independence for years to come.